The Garden Court Tenants Association Welcomes you to Garden Court, a Heritage rental apartment complex at 1477 Bayview Avenue in Leaside, Toronto, at the corner of Bayview and Davisville Avenues.

In December of 2o12 the owners of Garden Court Apartments submitted an incomplete application to the City of Toronto to convert the complex to condominiums. The application has now been completed and stands before the North York City Council.

During the May 15th owner’s/tenant’s meeting, Councillor John Parker announced that there will be a public meeting scheduled in June to discuss the issue.

This meeting has now been scheduled for June 20, 2013, with the time and venue to be announced.  Click here to see the calendar entry. This will be updated as we receive information.

We encourage community support to preserve existing Garden Court Tenant’s leases and the availability of affordable rental housing in Leaside.

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Thanking you in advance for your support!

Garden Court’s Beginnings

The Garden Court Apartment housing development is one of the best examples in Toronto of skillful integration of architecture and landscape architecture. The project, built between 1939 and 1941, was the result of the close collaboration of architects Forsey Page and Steele with Dunington-Grubb and Stensson, the city’s best-known landscpae architechtural firm of the period. The property covers a 5.5 acre site located in Leaside, then a growing suburban residential area some 3.5 miles northeast of Toronto’s central business district.

Garden Court’s “beautiful park-like surroundings” were described in 1939, when many of the units first went on the rental market, as a “new concept in urban living dealing with satisfying various residential needs within a single area.” Accordingly, accommodation suitable for many different family types was provided in one- or two-bedroom apartment units, in either a two- or three-storey walk-up building or as a two-storey, two-bedroom unit in a semi-detached building.

– Garden Court Tenants Association